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“We Are Pro-Healthy Feet”​​

Do You Have Foot And Ankle Problems?
Checking out the Pro-Health Podiatry P.A. website is the first step you can take in seeking treatment.

The feet are possibly one of the most overworked parts of the human body. We may take them for granted but we can't deny the fact that they are a big part of how we lead our lives. We get around because of them. Our activities are heavily reliant on the health of our feet. When we have problems with them, our quality of life suffers. 

Indeed, when we have foot issues, our mobility is severely affected. In some cases, there are those who end up homebound because of a foot disorder or foot injury. The state of your feet pretty much affects your overall health and well-being. It is most definitely no joke when you have a foot ailment or injury that prevents you from going to work or enjoying other activities. 

Podiatry or podiatric medicine focuses on the diagnosis and treatment - be it through topical medication, therapeutic interventions, or surgical procedures - of all foot disorders and foot injuries. To be specific, podiatrists cover the foot, ankle, and other anatomical structures of the leg.

The scope of ailments treated by podiatrists range from common and easily remedied problems such as sweaty feet, warts, fungal infection, and ingrown toenails to complications arising from diabetes, gout, osteoarthritis, and other conditions.

Doctors who specialize in podiatry are given the title Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM). This indicates that they have undergone extensive training in podiatric medical school and hands-on hospital-based residency training. 

As stipulated by the American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine, a podiatrist is officially designated as a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM). Only certified podiatrists may affix "DPM" to their names.

Pro Health Podiatry P.A. is a private practice run by Yvette E. Forbes-Baker, DPM. She has over a decade of hands-on experience in podiatry.

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